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Mario and animals Mario and animals

You can play Mario and animals here, this game Is created for young childrens who love Mario game, have a few easy levels to be easy played by all the kids. Take care with fire guns, they are dangerous! Mario and animals Game is created for those kids who love playing Mario Desktop Games during their fun time. At the beginning the game includes few easy levels which can be played without much effort. But as you enter the middle of the game, it begins to become more interesting and challenging. You will have to help Mario to evade the dangerous fire guns that will be coming up on his way. To save Mario from fall and the attacks you just need to use the right strategies at the right moment. Use the arrow keys to move back and forth and don't forget to shoot whenever you face some danger.

Mario and best friends Mario and best friends

Mario and his best friends are in this world ! Here you can play a greate Mario game with more players and learn to fight like a real fighter ! Mario need to train himself because is weak and after that learn how to win every mission! This is one of the most interesting Mario games. You will have to help Mario to evade the fire balls. At the beginning you will get 8 lives. But you can increase the numbers by collecting bonus points while passing through the Castle of Fire. Avoid from falling, or otherwise you will lose lives and the game will be over within a short period of time without reaching the next level. You can use SPACE bar to jump and Right arrow keys to move forward. As you move ahead the game will begin to become tougher. Hence you need to be very careful to sustain longer and win the game.

Mario Atack Mario Atack

When Mario Atack nobody in this earth survive ! Mario is dotated with best guns and weapons, fire weapons, light weapons, and electricity weapons, choice who Is best choice for you and distroy every enemy you have. No mercy here! The character Mario in this game is quite strong and he is always armed with the best guns and weapons on this earth. With the powerful set of weapons, he is always in a mood to attack his enemies and destroy them. He has got fire weapons, electricity weapons and also light weapons. In this game, you will have to attack the enemies with all possible sets of guns and weapons. As a player, you can also choose the best possible weapons with which you can attack and destroy the enemies. You will be on the Mario’s side in the game and try to destroy the enemies as much as possible.

Mario Bros Mario Bros

Mario Bros can be one of the most popular and favorite game in the world because his action is taked in a fantasy world with a big hero named Mario ! You can play this game but be aware you have here some very dificult and hard levels and you need some skills. Mario Bros is a very popular game among the kids. The game involves two characters: one is Mario and another one is Lugi. You can choose your favorite character while playing this game. At the beginning you will be given the instructions on how to play the game. You need to follow some simple commands in order to win the game. Use UP arrow to jump, use DOWN arrow to crouch. By clicking on the LEFT arrow you can move Left and using the RIGHT arrow you can move right. You will get 10 Lives. Hence avoid falling or being killed by the enemies as much as possible. Try to collect more coins to increase your score.

Mario Jumping Mario Jumping

Righ now Mario is best jumper in the world! He can jump very higher and atack his enemy when touch the ground with power. Mario is a young men very powerfull who need you to win every possible battle, right now you can stay and watch or you can play this game and kill all enemies! While playing Mario Jumping game you should always be careful so that the turtle cannot hit you. You will get 3 lives. If your enemy hits you three times, then the game will be over. On the top right corner of the screen the scores will be displayed. The game is very simple and it doesn’t involve too many control keys and so the children love to play this Mario Jumping game very much. Use Left and Right arrow keys to move back and forth whenever the turtle comes too close to you. To jump over the turtle and to strike it, use the SPACE bar. If you consecutively hit the shell several times your score will increase.

Mario Mafia Mario Mafia

The Mafia is most dangerous group killers in the world. You can't play Mario Mafia if you are not experimented and experienced player, here you will find a lot of powerfull cops to kill and guns are more dangerous than every action game. Good Luck ! You will need. If you love to play dangerous games online, then Mario Mafia will surely excite you a lot. You need to be experienced in this game if you want to save Mario mafia from Police. You will have to help Mario to escape from the cops. In order to do that you can use few commands. If you click on the Right arrow key you can move forward, and by clicking on the Left arrow key you can move backward. Use Z command to RUN, X command will enable Mario to JUMP and click on the C button to shoot the cops.

Mario original Mario original

I think this is most special Mario Game because is original version with all levels without any changes. The first levels are easy, you will pass them without any problems, but in the middle of game you will have a lot of problems if you didn't get the corect weapon. This game is the original part of the Mario game and it remains unchanged with all the updated versions of the game. If you want to show your kids what are the games you used to play during your school days, then this is the most ideal game for it. Many people say that this game is a very good time pass since it is very simple to play at the initial stage. The game starts becoming tougher once you enter the middle portion of the game. The game can be simply played with the cursor keys and the spacebar on your computer.

Mario Sexy Mario Sexy

In this game Mario Is best sexy men in the world, and love a little princess who Is captured by a very bad and dangerous dragon! If you want to save the little princess you need to fight witg dragon, but until that destroy all his alias. In this game the character Mario is in love with a little princess. The princess has been confined by an evil and a dangerous dragon. Now you need to help Mario so that he can take the challenge against the Dragon and beat him to rescue his little princess. The game becomes more interesting and adventurous when Mario fights against the dragons and so many other dangers coming on his way. If you want to RUN use “A” button. To JUMP use “S”. If you use “D” it will help to Freeze. You will get several items in order to win the battle. Use 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 to get them.

Mario Shooter Mario Shooter

One of the most success shooter games with Mario is this game! Play now Mario Shooter for a memorable action with a lot of guns and enemy's and make money with Mario ! After you figh and beat the enemy's you can steel all the money. Mario Shooter is perhaps the most favorite shooter games among the kids. Here you will have to shoot the gun to kill enemy coming on your way. Moreover you will see numerous coins hanging in front of you. Just go and grab them to increase your points. The game is very easy to control and you will have to follow some simple instructions to win the game. Using Left and Right arrow key you can move back and forth. To set up the direction of the gun use the Up and Down arrow buttons. Tap the SPACE bar to fire targeting your enemies.

Mario tetris Mario tetris

You ever played Mario tetris to see how funny is it ? Mario tetris comes with special design and a lot of levels and speed adjustet for all players in the world, you can play know and make some points. Take it with careful, you can become a very rich man here! Mario Tetris is a specially designed game that comes with lots of levels. You can set the game level according to your preference. While playing the game use left and right arrow keys to place the falling Tetris objects properly and apply key ‘Q’ if you want to toggle the shapes of the objects so that they fit the gap and you can complete the lines. You can even PAUSE the game by clicking on ‘P’. As soon you complete one single line the concerned line will disappear and you will get points. This game becomes more interesting since there are several colorful background images which can be changed during the play.

Mario Waluigi Mario Waluigi

Take this game like a real challenge and fight with Mario Waluigi, the son of clasic Super Mario clasic. You will see his son is better, stronger, with greate skills in guns shooting, and you need to control him to victory! Mario Waluigi Game is another form of Mario game. Here the player will have to save Waluigi from various attacks. You can use some simple commands to evade from the dangerous creatures, birds. While you move forward in the game try to collect coins to higher the score. You have 10 lives which mean you will get only 10 chances to escape from the danger. If you miss the chances, you may lose the game. To JUMP use the SPACE bar. To move back and forth use LEFT and RIGHT arrow buttons. You need to be very careful while choosing the commands.

Super Mario Super Mario

Super Mario is coolest Mario in the World, he fight like a real man, is gorgeous, and every day he rescue a young raped princess. Mario have a kewl skateboard and a lot of fire guns and with you're help can burn all the enemys! Enter here to burn all possible enemys! Super Mario Game has become extremely popular among the children who love to spend hours playing online games. You need to follow some simple commands which are very easy to remember. But as the game progresses it becomes very tricky and adventurous, so that you cannot resist your temptation to carry on with the game. To move forward and backward you need to use LEFT and RIGHT arrow buttons. Use the UP arrow to JUMP. Tap on the SPACE bar for fireballs. Each time the dangerous creatures hit Mario it becomes smaller. But if you help Mario to earn more points by collecting coins then it will regain its previous size and strength.

Super Mario Collect Super Mario Collect

Help Super Mario to collect all jewellery, money (cash) and point to make some hot exchanges. You are a very intelligent business man, but a lot of competitors want to cut you're head, make shure this will not happens and do what is right! In this game, the Princess Peach has been kidnapped by Bowser. So Mario needs to save her by fighting against Bowser. While playing Super Mario Collect you need to use several keys to win this game. Use DOWN arrow to DUCK, use the UP arrow to JUMP. When you need a super jump just press DUCK and then press JUMP. To gain bonus points collect all the mushrooms coming on your way. These bonus points will help you to get more strength to combat with the rivals. Green Mushroom denotes life. The Red mushroom enables the Hulk mode of Mario. Orange mushroom gives extra HP. Yellow mushroom makes Mario absolute invincible.

Super Mario Extrem ! Super Mario Extrem!

Oh yeah, this is a burning flame game, all killers and politicians from entire world are in this game. Mario can be strong if you make some trainings with him, make sure you kill all the bad stupid politicians. Ha ha! Super Mario Extreme is solely designed for them who prefer racing and love to take challenges coming all the way. You will have to drive your bike through all the beasts and you will find animals obstructing your way. There are several commands which you have to remember while playing the game. To increase the damage use Nitro. By pressing the A button you can destroy your powerful enemies at ease. To Go UP use the UP arrow and to Go Down use the DOWN arrow key as well. The RIGHT arrow increases the speed. To begin with you have an option to choose any one of the two characters in Mario games.

Super Mario Diamonds Super Mario Diamonds

Mario Is allready most richest men in the world but a several enemys from Rusia and France want to kill him !! Go to Mario in a safety place and protect them from bullets or something else who can make him damages. If you protect Mario you can win around 1 milion dolars cash just here! At the beginning of this game you will be given an option to choose your player from two characters Mario and Luigi. For example if you choose Mario, then you need to protect him from bullets or other dangerous weapons falling from the sky. You will get 3 lives. Hence you must help Mario to collect the diamonds falling from the sky and evade the attack of numerous enemies too. Use LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to move back and forth. This is quite an interesting game, and children love playing this as it is also very easy to play.