Mario Original Game

I think this is most special Game because is original version with all levels without any changes. The first levels are easy, you will pass them without any problems, but in the middle of game you will have a lot of problems if you didn't get the corect weapon.

Do you wish to feel nostalgic again for the games that you used to play during school days? Do you want to introduce to your kids something that is evergreen and that is liked by people all over the world? Then play this Mario Original game which is really special because this is the original version of the game that comes will all the levels of the game without any change. You will find the game that simple yet authentic and beautiful where you would play Mario through all the enemies and hurdles in life. The first level is easy but as you pass through the levels you slowly find them difficult and take up the challenge.

The Mario Original is the game that you need to play not because this is just a simple time pass but because this game has some beautiful and fantastic things attached with the game graphics and make you time pass. Very simple to play with the cursor keys, spacebar and other such keys. But mind to get the correct weapon.
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