Super Mario Game

Super Mario is coolest Mario in the World, he fight like a real man, is gorgeous, and every day he rescue a young raped princess. Mario have a kewl skateboard and a lot of fire guns and with you're help can burn all the enemys! Enter here to burn all possible enemys!

Super Mario is the coolest and the most original Mario in the World of games. Play this games or let your children enjoy this cool game of who fights like a real man and takes the challenge to complete the hurdles that comes on his way to accomplish his mission. This is that Mario games that stormed the world of computers and game lovers when it was introduced. If you have lost that game and still long to play the Super Mario, here is the opportunity to you to play this gorgeous and handsome man to rescue his young princess from the hell of enemies. He has cool skateboard and has lot of fire arms in this game. But he needs your help to burn the enemies, fight them and reach to the princess.

Will you help Mario reach his princess? Make use of the simple keys like cursor keys, space bars and others that are given instructions to fire and jump and play the game.
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